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21. 01. 2010 - Art of Livin´ - HUDBA Z MARSU & SKA2TONICS

Another great concert at Club behind Mirror, this time featuring renown Slovakian bands. Hudba z Marsu combines traditional folklore music with rock, ska and disco. SKA2TONIC, as the name suggest, is one of the most successful ska and reggae band in Slovakia.

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07. 01. 2010 - Art of Livin´ - STO MÚCH & HIFI

New years celebrations didn’t get the better of us and we organized first concert of the year as soon as we returned to work. The funky and fresh music of Sto Múch and HIFI was an appropriate start to the year full of new and bold activities.

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17. 12. 2009 – Euforion Live 2009

As always, year in Euforion was concluded be multimedia event, which featured artworks and performances by members and friends of our n.g.o. Perforamnces by Rhantisi Franklin, Hugo Čáves Orchestra, Isobhutane and B-Complex accompanied by VJs Document&Setting and Chaosdroid, together with exhibition of works by Michal Hinca, Petra Strudikova and Michal Pleidel and many more created a wonderful evening full of many art forms.

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10.12. 2009 - Aven Romale!

In cooperation with Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Martin Šimečka Foundation we have opened the Aven Romale exhibition. The exhibition displays photographs made by Roma children and Dutch photographer Ron Houkes during the photographic workshop Aven Romale. 
Ron Houkes spent three weeks with Roma children from Lunik 9, one of the most notorious neighborhoods in the city of Kosice. Here, he provided them with simple cameras, taught them the basic photographic techniques and encouraged them to capture the realities of everyday life, as seen by them. The result of their effort is displayed publicly around the area of Novy Most in Bratisalva, Slovakia.

19. 11. 2009 Art of Livin´ - Andrej Šeban

Andrej Šeban, one of the most accomplished and talented Slovakian guitarist has returned by popular demand with his one man show. Needless to say, the audience experienced an astonishing performance.

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06.-07.11.2009 - Art of Livin´ International – Prague, Czech Republic

The final part of our international festival took place at cultural center Zahrada in the Jižní Mesto, district of Prague. After the festival itself we met with all the organizers and partners to discuss the different experiences from this year edition and improvements for the future editions. We have agreed to begin preparations for the next installment in the year 2010.

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12.11.2009 – Art of Livin´ - Korai Öröm & Chiki Liki Tu A

Next edition of Art of Livin´ proved that poor relations between Hungary and Slovakia are myth created by couple of fools. The crowded Club behind Mirror cheered over the performance of Hungarian world music–alternative–reggae band Korai Öröm, followed by outstanding performance of Slovakian alternative band Chiki Liki Tu A.

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05.11.2009 – Art of Livin´ - Noisecut & U-Prag

Evening at Club behind the mirror belonged to the electro-pop music, represented by most accomplished artists in the field. Slovakia was represented by Noisecut, winners of the Album of the Year at RadioHead awards. The Czech Republic was represented by U-Prag young and talented trio from Prague.

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06.10.2009 Art of Livin´ - Joris Roelfs Quartet

Almost year after successful concert in Bratislava, Joris Roelfs and his Quartet returns to the Club behind Mirror. With new repertoire and new line-up, Joris proved once again to be vivid composer, musician and improvisator.

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02.-03.10. 2009 - Art of Livin´ International – Legnica, Poland

Third part of the festival was organized at the Modieska Theater in Legnica, Poland. Apart from the festival, we shot interviews with the partners and organizers for the Art of Livin´ documentary which captures our efforts to organize and execute the whole project.

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07.-11.09. 2009 – Station East 2009

With the third installment, we have definitely forged a new multicultural tradition in the city of Prešov. After the previous two successful editions, the project was welcomed warmly by children, parents, teachers and local authorities.
Although our budget was considerably cut due to the financial crisis, we still managed to organize both workshops and festival at the full scale. The festival witnessed among the others performances by Dutch jazz musicians Hans Leeuw and Esmee Olthuis, Slovakian successful funky band Sto Much, and the veterans of the festival - the SUS Roma orchestra.

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12-13.06. 2009 - Art of Livin´ International – Budapest, Hungary

Second part of our international project took part in Budapest, at phenomenal independent cultural centre Tuzrakter. Former building of secondary school in centre of Budapest was rebuilt and restored by volunteers to establish one of the largest cultural centers in Hungary. It offers rehearsing space, studios and hall for concerts and theater pieces.
Our festival achieved full-house at Tuzrakter, with more than 200 people attending the performance.

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9.06.2009 Art of Livin' - Juraj Griglák & Company

Juraj Griglák the technically accomplished bass and contrabass player assembled the best musicians of Slovakia jazz scene to create unforgettable artistic experience.

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ART of LIVIN´ INTERNATIONAL – Multimedial festival of contemporary art
22 – 23.05.2009 Club behind Mirror – Bratislava, Slovakia

The international Art of Livin´ was officially launched with the opening event in Bratislava. More than 25 artists from four countries presented themselves in the course of two days. The multimedial performances were composed of many art forms, ranging from poetry and theater to electronic music and
Second part of the project was organized in Budapest, Hungary and achieved great success. Remaining two parts will take place in Poland and Czech Republic, in October a November respectively.  

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01.05.2009 - Art of Livin' - Dan Bárta & Illustratoshere

Czech singer Dan Bárta and his band Illustratosphere returned to Slovakia after four long years. The sold-out Club behind Mirror witnessed the tremendous concert of one of the best singer in Czech Republic.

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25.04.2009 - Art of Vinyl - nu.skool

Another Art of Vinyl volume that had a slightly experimental touch to it. The event hosted DJs Batcha de Mental and Karaoke Tundra and avant-garde hip hop performance by artist Peťo Tázok.

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16.04.2009 - Art of Livin' - Andrej Šeban

This volume of Art of Livin´ belonged to one man show of Andrej Šeban, one of the most talented and musically accomplished multi instrumentalist in Slovakia. Brilliant musical approach and arrangements created a powerful experience and threw the audience of sold-out Club behind Mirror into silent awe.

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19.03.2009 - Art of Vinyl ...fresh!!

Together with spring came the freshest beats from some of the best electronic artist form Slovakia. The Uniques, Isobutane, Kasioboy and Emonoizboyz presented very diverse and indeed refreshing approach to electronic music.

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19.02.2009 - Art of Livin´- Blues

The next volume of Art of Livin´ was focused on blues. The bands of Slovakia’s top bluesmen, Erich “Boboš” Procházka and René Lacko were followed by American guitar player Rene Trossmann. All of the proved that there are skilled musicians with unique style and delivered an astonishing performance.

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17.02.2009 - Club de Moll

In cooperation with Polish institute we prepared the first concert of Polish band Club de Moll in Slovakia. The band combines the traditional folklore music of Lemko ethnic group with electronics, resulting in overwhelming performance full of original poetics.

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22.01.2009 Art of Livin´ - Veneer, Nové mapy, EA

We celebrated the sixth year of the project Art of Livin´ by the concerts of Slovakian bands Veneer, Nové Mapy and EA. Their musical performance balancing between ambient and trip-hop was accompanied with visuals by Euforion Visual Crew and created a magical, dreamlike experience for the visitors.

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18.12.2008 Art of Vinyl - Hip Hop

Our last event for the year 2008 was dedicated to the home representatives of hip hop. The event featured performances from Vec, Zverina, A.M.O. and DJ set by Gebod and Roman Zámožný.
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04.12.2008 Euforion Live -  Oskar Rozsa, Rhantisi Franklin, 900piesek

Short films, exhibition of paintings and photographs, visual shows and concerts, all from the members of Euforion, our blooming NGO. The night in Club behind Mirror turned into a huge multimedial party.
Special guest of the night was renowned Slovakian multi instrumentalist Oskar Rózsa with his band.

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08.11.2008 Art of Livin´ - Eric Vloeimans & Gatecrash

In November we invited for Dutch trumpeter Eric Vloeimans with his band of elite jazz musicians Gatecrash for another volume of Art of Livin´. Vloeimans is considered to be one of the best European instrumentalists with great gift for creating original compositions of phenomenal quality, which earned him several prestigious awards, including Dutch Edison Award, Boy Edgar Award and Bird Award.  The members of Gatecrash include Jeroen van Vlie on piano, Gulli Gudmundsso on contrabass and Jasper van Hulten on drums.

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04.11.2008 Art of Vinyl - Psychedellic groove collection

Knalpot (NL), Batcha de Mental (SK), Kapela SNU (SK), Hugo Chávez Orchestra (SK), 900piesek (SK)
VJs: Majda (SK) Euforion Visual Crew feat. Document&Setting (SK)

From the dark industrial trance-core to the 8-bit music influenced drone jazz, we gathered the most psychedelic-driven music we could get our hands on and organized a true musical test to one’s sanity. The headliner of the event was the Dutch based band Knalpot. Their “nu-generator tractor music´” full of low-fi grooves and unexpected combinations turned the crowd crazy. Definitely one of the most memorable nights at Club behind Mirror.

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13.10.2008 Art of Livin´ - Joris Roelofs quartet

The night in the cultural centre Club behind Mirror belonged to one of the New York’s jazz scene most promising young talent, Joris Roelofs.  This 24 year old clarinet and alt sax player managed to perform in Vienna Art Orchestra and Amsterdam Metropolitan Orchestra, sharing the stage with musicians like John Marshall, Gary Smulyan, Ralph Peterson or Jimmy Halperin. Accompanied for his European tour by Aaron Goldberg on piano, Johannes Weidenmueller on contrabass and Ari Hoenig on drums, Joris made his concert in Bratislava a night to remember. As a special treat for Slovakian audience his concert featured suggestive visual show by Euforion Visual Crew.

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 08.-12. 09. 2008 – Station East 2008

We prepared second installment of the project Station East in the city of Prešov in eastern Slovakia. Again, we organized creative workshops for Roma and Slovakian children to overcome mistrust between the two communities. The things had improved considerably, the children participating on workshops shown more enthusiasm and determination to learn and work together.
The festival in the Roma ghetto “Stará Tehelňa” at the end of the project featured, among many others, most successful domestic hip-hop band Kontrafakt - a Roma-Slovakian trio. The children of Stará Tehelňa were delighted to see their favorite hip-hop band live, as most of them wouldn’t be able to afford the ticket to see them at the regular concert.  

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16.02.2008 - TETZEPI

Winter lethargy was overcomed by Dutch stars of European jazz scene – TETZEPI orchestra. This fifteen-man band is already well- established in their home country thanks to their innovative approach and vigorous live performances. Their music shows broad range of influences, from classical big band to free jazz, collective improvisation and hilarious solos.

TETZEPI members - all respected musicians of Dutch jazz scene - describe their performances as “Feast for ears and eyes alike”. It boasts incredible brass section composed of 10 musicians, accompanied by piano, guitar and rhythmic section. Wouter Hakhoff assumed the role of conductor.  

Part of the program was worked out directly on the stage, because members of TETZEPI love surprises.  Sold-out cultural centre Klub za zrkadlom (Club behind Mirror) experienced instrumentally perfect jazz spontaneity.



30.11. - 1.12. 2007 - Euforion LIVE

Friday evening in Cultural Centre Nivy started with debut opening of promising young photographer a cameraman Michal Hinca, along with introduction of artist and conservator Michal Pleidel.

Audience had opportunity to see several short films and trailer to documentary Station East. Remaining time was filled with works of VŠMU students and echoes from festival One World, documentaries JAPTIK and LOST BALANCE. DJs Sid Plutonius and Karl May I. presented their music during whole event in Groove lounge and DJ Coconut and John Guma moderated the Chillout stage.

Saturday was time for musical performances by bands Rhantisi Franklin and M.A.F. instrumental trio (Andrej Hruška, Majo Slávka, Filip Hittrich) and electronic project 900 PIESEK. VJ projections by VJs Kriwe and EJ JA accompanied all concerts.


15.9. 2007 – Station East Festival

A spectacular artistic and international project in eastern Slovakia. Artists and musicians from Netherlands, Poland, Germany and Slovakia worked with the kids from the Roma Gheto „Stara Tehelna“ in Presov (East Slovakia) and the result was the biggest cultural event which ever took place in a Roma gheto in Slovakia. 
The main goal of festival was to establish dialogue between Roma minority and Slovakian majority by the means of universal language, music. More than 1500 people had great time till late night, regardless of color of their skin.

10. - 14.9. 2007 – Summer school of Station East

Children from Primary school Matice Slovenskej in Prešov had opportunity to attend summer school in various art classes including dancing, singing and musical instruments. Children of lower social status had chance to develop their talents as all classes were free of charge. Best students had chance to perform on Station East festival.

20.-21.7. 2007 – Creative zone on Pohoda Festival

For the second time, we have participated on the biggest multimedial festival in Slovakia. We have prepared field 150 m2 large where anyone could paint picture to his liking, everything for free.     

June - November 2007 – EU and non-discrimination project

Together with European Comission we prepared artistic nation-wide competition for students of primary and high schools. The students had to create poster with EU and non- discrimination theme. Three most original posters were chosen for the European round.

5. 5. 2007 - Art of livin

Festival in Cultural centre Nivy, with short films made by students of VŠMU and performances of nu-jazz bands Eduardo Borsuci in Optima forma and The Hermit and the Ferrymen (Oskar Rózsa on multiple instruments, Ľubor Priehradník on trumpet and Emil Frátrik on drums).
The atmospheric mix of jazzy grooves with keyboard links and trumpet played through effects unit along with new play list heavily influenced by funk pulled the audience from seats to the dance floor, and made the evening in Nivy a night to remember.    



April 2007 - project ORFEUS moved to High School Bilíková
January - September 2007 – preparations for the project Station East

Station East is artistic and medial event spreading the ideas of tolerance, understanding and cultural exchange. Roma culture would be presented along with non-Roma culture, young talents from area of Prešov also had a chance to present themselves on stage. The idea for this project was conceived by Dutch compositor Merlijn  Twaalfhoven who use music and art as means for intercultural communication andrapprochemnet. His NGO organizes many unusal cultural events inside and outside of Europe.
13.12. 2006 – a little jubilee was celebrated.

Multimedial event Art of Livin had its tenth reprise, this time with special concerts by Peter Lipa Jr. & LP SESSIONS and MANGO SALSEROS with Cuban singer LAZARO.

The cocnerts was part of Ball of Architecture students.   


17.10. 2006 – during the Day of Fight against poverty we set up another Creative zone on Hviezdoslav plaza in Bratislava.

September 2006 – within the frame of project Škola Hrou – School as a game, we provided 30 sets of sport balls to high-schools in Slovakia. Project School as a game supports the free time activities of young people by providing the ones that are less well off financially with sports equipment. We created this project together with EXIsport company.

14.7. - 15.7.2006 – we set up Creative zone on the Pohoda festival. Anyone could come and create his own piece of art.

8.12.2005 -  Art of Livin in Babylon club, with performances by Satisfaction, Čisté Tvary, Dlhé Diely, The Hermit and The Ferrymen (Oskar Rózsa, Lubor Priehradnik)

11.11.2005 – we set up Art of Livin stage on the Ball of Architecture students in PKO, Bratislava.

14.9 2005 – project Orfeus has started on the High school of Juraj Hronec. The project objective is to establish music education at highs schools in form of school bands. Students were provided with musical instruments and sound equipment and they had music lessons tailored for their instruments and style of music.

10.9. 2005 – we organized fine arts workshop during the “White Band Day” – The day without poverty.

1.7. 2005 – , website for cultural events in Slovakiawas set up.

1.7. 2005 – we organized multi-genre open air event FESTIVAL OF CREATION. Music, literature and fine arts had all their own stage.

30.4. 2005 – seventh reprise of ART OF LIVIN was held in cultural centre Nivy, this time focused on young artists exclusively. Evening was opened by actors from Showtime! improvisation league, followed by band LA3NO KUBANO. Last but not least was the performance of band MOTABA IN JAM

17.12.2004 – Cultural centre Nivy, Art of Livin: Juraj Griglák + Bassfriends

1.12.2004 – Ball of architecture students 2004 + Art of Livin Stage

2.10.2004 – Cultural centre Nivy - Art of Livin´- NU JAZZ LIVE!, Oskar Rózsa and company. Grooves that sneak under your skin.

29.5. 2004 – Cultural centre Nivy - Art of Livin – concert by Andreja Šebana, guitar guru from Slovakia.

24.4. 2004 – Cultural centre Nivy -  Art of Livin. The biggest jam session that ever happened in Slovakia..

28.2. 2004 – Cultural centre Nivy -  The series of multimedial events Art of Livin´ was born.

We had theatre piece Tristan and Izolda by PAT - permanent alternative theatres. Music was represented by FREE NOTES, free formation of well established Slovakian musicians.








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